Adonis Graham

Adonis Graham

  • Real nameAdonis Graham
  • Date of birthOctober 11, 2017
  • Age4 years
  • Zodiac signLibra
  • BirthplaceCanada

Parents and family


Adonis Graham doesn't have siblings


Adonis Graham is a son of music star Drake and painter Sophie Brussaux. Initially, Drake didn’t believe that the boy was his child and passed through two DNA tests to get the proofs. Currently, the kid lives in France with his mom but often spends time with his stellar dad.

Drake first confirmed his fatherhood in 2018 through his song Emotionless and in March 2020, he shared the first snap of Adonis on his Instagram. Now, he doesn’t hide the child from the world and frequently posts his pictures on social media. Moreover, Adonis accompanied the musician to 2021 Billboard Music Awards.

A curious fact: Adonis has a fan page on Instagram dedicated to him.

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