Aryn Drake-Lee

Aryn Drake-Lee

  • Real nameAryn Drake-Lee
  • Date of birth1980
  • Age42 years
  • BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA

Parents and family

  • Father
    Name Unknown
  • Mother
    Name Unknown


There is no info whether she has siblings or not

Aryn Drake-Lee husband

Jesse Williams
(m. 2012–2017)

Aryn Drake-Lee 2 kids

Sadie Williams
with Jesse
Maceo Williams
with Jesse


Aryn Drake-Lee is an entrepreneur who got into the spotlight thanks to her marriage to Jesse Williams, a performer famed for starring in Grey’s Anatomy.

Aryn used to be a real estate agent in New York but relocated to Los Angeles to support Jesse, who was paving the way for himself in the entertainment industry. Later, they launched some businesses together, including the creation of the Ebroji GIF Keyboard App.

In 2019, Drake-Lee launched podcast Babies Are Trash (BBSARETRASH) with Trian Long-Smith. Her aspiration was to support other women in their fight to do all and be all.

Aryn Drake-Lee and Jesse Williams got romantically involved in the mid-2000s and got hitched in September 2012. In 2013, they became parents of daughter Sadie. In 2015, a baby boy named Maceo joined the family. However, in 2017, the spouses called it quits.

In one of her interviews, Aryn mentioned that she never felt comfortable with fame and the superficial nature of Hollywood was far from her values. Some sources were sure that it was one of the reasons for their divorce, but the former spouses never mentioned why they broke up. Moreover, Drake-Lee shared that the majority of their friends abandoned her and supported Jesse during the divorce proceedings.

A curious fact: Aryn can speak Spanish and French fluently. She taught the languages while attending the elementary school specializing in teaching kids several languages.

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