Charlotte Brosnan

Charlotte Brosnan

  • Real nameCharlotte Harris
  • Date of birthNovember 27, 1971
  • Date of deathJune 28, 2013 (41 years)
  • Zodiac signSagittarius
  • BirthplaceLondon, UK

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Charlotte Brosnan 2 kids


Charlotte Emily Brosnan is the firstborn of Cassandra Harris and Dermot Harris. Following her dad’s death in 1986, she was legally adopted by her stepfather Pierce Brosnan and took his last name.

Aspiring to follow in her parents’ footsteps, Charlotte played in The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson and The Nephew films as well as had a part in an episode of NYPD Blue. However, she didn’t reach much fame. At the same time, Charlotte frequently accompanied her dad to various red carpet events.

On June 14, 2013, Charlotte Brosnan tied knots with her longtime boyfriend Alex Smith. At that time, the couple already had two kids together. Their daughter Isabella was born in 1998 while their younger son Lucas drew his first breath in 2005.

However, their happiness didn’t last long. Just two weeks after the wedding, 41-year-old Charlotte passed away because of ovarian cancer, the same disease that claimed the lives of her mother and grandmother. Pierce shared that his daughter struggled against the disease with grace, courage and dignity.

A curious fact: Charlotte’s daughter Isabella was a bridesmaid at her wedding.

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