Dezi Calvo

Dezi Calvo

  • Real nameDezi James Calvo

Parents and family



Dezi James Calvo is a son of actress Jaime Pressly and DJ Eric Calvo. Though his parents called it quits soon after his birth and Jaime was granted full custody, the boy has a great relationship with his dad. His parents share holidays as split days so that Dezi can spend the festive days with both of them.

Sometimes, Dezi accompanies his mom to some events. For instance, they attended the premieres of Despicable Me 2 in 2013 and The Lego Movie in 2014. In one of her Instagram posts, Pressly called Dezi her favorite child and told that they had a special bond. After being criticized for that, the celebrity explained that all her sons are her favorite for different reasons.

A curious fact: thanks to his stellar mother, Dezi has got acquainted with some celebrities. For instance, he took a picture with legendary Whoopi Goldberg.

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