Elizabella Bugliari

Elizabella Bugliari

  • Real nameElizabella Dylan Bugliari
  • Date of birthSeptember 4, 2014
  • Age7 years
  • Zodiac signVirgo
  • BirthplaceUSA

Parents and family



Elizabella Dylan Bugliari is a daughter of Alyssa Milano and her husband David Bugliari. The happy mom shared the girl’s first photo on social media when she was just a couple of days old.

Looking like a mini me version of Alyssa and being described by her mom as empathetic and caring, Elizabella is already a fashionista who loves attending fashion shows. Thus, she accompanied her mother to the Spring 2016 MADE Fashion Week.

Unofficially, Elizabella has already made a TV debut as she was already in her mother’s womb when Milano starred in the 2nd season of Mistresses. By the way, the actress reveals that the most important for her is to raise kids that are socially aware and conscious.

A curious fact: in 2018, Alyssa published a video, which she made as a message for Elizabella in 2017 after she helped to ignite the #MeToo movement. In that video, the celebrity told why she shared her story of sexual assault and expressed her hopes that her daughter would never have to say “Me too”.

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