Ella Foster

Ella Foster

  • Real nameElla Foster
  • Date of birthAugust 2017
  • Age4 years
  • BirthplaceUSA

Parents and family


She has a brother born in February 2020


Ella Foster is a daughter and the eldest child of actors Laura Prepon and Ben Foster. Though her photos are regularly shared by her mom on social media, the girl’s face is usually hidden at them.

Ella has a baby brother, whose name is still a mystery. She had a very interesting first meeting with the boy. After Ben and Laura brought their son home, Ella ran into the tepee that stood in her room, took off her clothes and peed on them.

A curious fact: a year after Ella drew her first breath, Prepon got pregnant again but had to terminate the pregnancy as the baby’s brain and bones stopped growing because of cystic hygroma.

Daisy Lee Stewart


Daisy Lee Stewart

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