Ella Hemsworth

Ella Hemsworth

  • Real nameElla Hemsworth
  • Date of birthJuly 1, 2010
  • Age11 years
  • Zodiac signCancer
  • BirthplaceAustralia

Parents and family



Ella Hemsworth is the middle daughter of actor Luke Hemsworth and his spouse Samantha. She drew her first breath on July 1, 2010.

Ella’s privacy is guarded by her parents who never share many details about her. However, from time to time, the girl’s photos appear on their Instagram. Moreover, Ella and her sisters accompanied their parents to a premiere of Maleficent in 2019.

A curious fact: though Ella and her siblings spent a big part of their childhood in California, they relocated to their dad’s homeland, Australia, in 2020. Such a decision was taken by Luke to protect them from school shootings, which became rather frequent in the USA.

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