Jake Cuban

Jake Cuban

  • Real nameJake Cuban
  • Date of birth2010
  • Age12 years
  • BirthplaceUSA

Parents and family



Jake Cuban is a son of billionaire Mark Cuban and his spouse Tiffany Stewart. He is the couple’s youngest child and the only son.

Jake is a future baseball star as he adores this kind of sport. He also loves fishing and karting with his dad. Like other members of his family, the boy makes some public appearances from time to time. One of them happened at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards.

Mark shares that the best gift he ever received was a picture of an essay Jake wrote. It contained the words that his dad was his hero as well as the kid’s aspirations to deal with entrepreneurship.

A curious fact: once, Jake Cuban earned $150 for not watching Minecraft games and watching math videos instead. His dad was the initiator of such a deal as he wanted the boy to concentrate on education.

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