Léonie Cassel

Léonie Cassel

  • Real nameLéonie Cassel
  • Date of birthMay 21, 2010
  • Age11 years
  • Zodiac signTaurus
  • BirthplaceRome, Italy

Parents and family



Leonie Cassel is the younger daughter of actors Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. She is a schoolgirl, whose privacy is strictly guarded by her caring parents.

Monica was already pregnant with Leonie when she worked on The Whistleblower film. So, unofficially, the girl has already made a film debut. Moreover, soon after her birth, Leonie appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair with her mom.

A curious fact: Monica was 45 when Leonie drew her first breath. The celebrity didn’t regret the decision to have kids later in her life as she wasn’t ready for motherhood in her 20s and 30s.

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