Neal Carter

Neal Carter

  • Real nameNeal Carter
  • Date of birthNovember 30, 2009
  • Age12 years
  • Zodiac signSagittarius
  • BirthplaceUSA

Parents and family



Neal Carter is a son of Lil Wayne and Nivea B. Hamilton. He is nicknamed Meatball by his close people.

Neal lives in Birmingham, AL, with his mother and three half-siblings: twin brothers Christian and London and sister Navy Talia. The boy also has three paternal half-siblings. They are sister Reginae, brothers Dwayne and Cameron. By the way, Neal was born approximately at the same time with the latter. Lil Wayne fathered Cameron in September 2009 while Neal drew his first breath in November.

Neal’s privacy is guarded by his caring parents. He rarely appears in public and there are a few photos of the boy. However, once, Lil Wayne brought him on stage during his concert.

A curious fact: Neal has the same hairstyle as his famous dad.

Daisy Lee Stewart


Daisy Lee Stewart

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