Sander Vaughn Blokker

Sander Vaughn Blokker

  • Real nameSander Vaughn Blokker
  • Date of birthNovember 17, 2017
  • Age4 years
  • Zodiac signScorpio
  • BirthplaceUSA

Parents and family



Sander Vaughn is a son of fitness expert Shaun T. Fitness and his spouse Scott Blokker. He has a twin brother named Silas. They have the same mother but Sander is Shaun’s biological child whole Silas is Scott’s biological son.

The twins were born prematurely at 32 weeks and deprived their fathers of sleep for several weeks in a row. The bad sleep resulted in some conflicts between Scott and Shaun, which they easily solved. However, Sander and his brother are extremely adorable kids now. Shaun often posts funny videos of the boys on his Instagram. They already do sports and even make donuts with their famed dad.

A curious fact: Shaun reveals that he doesn’t tell NO to his sons. Instead, he asks them to clean up if they make a mess.

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