Travis Bacon

Travis Bacon

  • Real nameTravis Sedgwick Bacon
  • Date of birthJune 23, 1989
  • Age32 years
  • Zodiac signCancer
  • BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA

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Travis Sedgwick Bacon is the firstborn of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. He made a movie debut being still in his mom’s womb as she was filming Born on the Fourth of July at that time.

Travis tried his hand at acting in Loverboy film but decided to deal with music instead. He studied audio engineering at Evergreen State College and worked at record company The Wild Arctic before opening his own one titled Broken Box Recording Company.

Travis performed with White Widows Pact music group. And now, he is a part of Black Anvil and Idiot Box bands. Besides, he created music for Story of a Girl and Girls Weekend TV movies. From time to time, Travis accompanies his family members to some events. For instance, he supported his parents at the New York premiere of the Story of A Girl movie.

A curious fact: when Travis was a newborn, Kevin accidentally locked him in the car and left the keys inside. Fortunately, a passerby helped him to break the car window and pull the boy out.

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