Valentino Martin

Valentino Martin

  • Real nameValentino Martin
  • Date of birthAugust 2008
  • Age13 years

Parents and family



Valentino Martin is Ricky Martin’s son who was born by a surrogate mother. He is several minutes younger than his twin brother Matteo. Martin once shared that he nicknamed Valentino Mr. Peace as the boy was pretty calm in infancy unlike his more active sibling.

Valentino often accompanies Ricky to various events. For instance, in 2019, he impressed everyone by his pink-colored hair at the Annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner in Washington, which he attended with his parents and brother. Moreover, the celebrity often shares Valentino and Matteo’s photos on Instagram. To the point, the boys speak Spanish at home, but can also speak English and French.

A curious fact: while Ricky Martin is an idol for millions of people, he tells that his sons are his biggest critics when it comes to his work.

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