Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner

  • Real nameLori Husman
  • Date of birthDecember 9, 1969
  • Age54 years
  • Zodiac signSagittarius
  • BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, USA

Parents and family

  • Father
    David L. Husman
  • Mother
    Lois Arlene Husman


  • Sister
    Melinda Husman Abraham
  • Half-brother
    Michael Husman

Lori Greiner husband

Daniel Greiner
since 2010

Lori Greiner kids

Lori Greiner doesn't have kids



Lori Greiner deals with entrepreneurship simultaneously with having a successful career on TV. However, she rose to fame thanks to a number of inventions, including jewelry and cosmetic organizers along with many other household items. In 1996, Lori established her consumer goods company For Your Easy Only. She first appeared on television on the Home Shopping Network and later became a part of QVC.

Moreover, Greiner invested in the development of other inventors’ creations like Drop Stop and Hold Your Haunches. In general, she has taken part in the creation of about 700 products and now holds 120 patents.

Additionally, Lori Greiner invested into shows Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank. In 2000, she launched her own project Clever & Unique Creations. And in 2014, she presented her book Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!. Actually, Lori loves helping other entrepreneurs and regularly shares her experience with them.

Greiner is a source of inspiration for millions of people. She was even honored by the Paley Center as an Important Woman in Television. Apart from working, Lori also dedicates much time to philanthropy.

Though Greiner is a self-made businesswoman, she is from rather a well-off family. Her father is a real estate developer while her mom is a psychologist. Since 2010, Lori has been married to Dan Greiner, a vice president of her company and her main supporter. The couple doesn’t have any children yet.

A curious fact: before gaining popularity, Greiner used to write for Chicago Tribune along with writing plays and selling jewelry of her own design. Her obsession with jewelry led her to the creation of her famed organizer as she had many jewelry pieces and needed a place to keep them all.

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