Belle Sutton

Belle Sutton

  • Real nameBelle Elizabeth Sutton
  • Date of birthMarch 14, 2014
  • Age8 years
  • Zodiac signPisces
  • BirthplaceUK

Parents and family



Belle Elizabeth Sutton is the firstborn of Katie Piper and Richard Sutton. Actually, Katie feared that she would never have kids as her fertility could be affected by the medications she took after the acid attack.

Belle drew her first breath after a C-section as Piper had a scar tissue on her stomach that could prevent her from delivering a baby naturally. The philanthropist revealed that motherhood enriched her life in many ways. And though the girl’s photos are shared by Katie on social media, her face is always hidden on them.

A curious fact: in 2021, Belle faced a little tragedy. Her hamster Lala ate her other hamster named Digit.

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