Brendan Herjavec

Brendan Herjavec

  • Real nameBrendan Herjavec
  • BirthplaceCanada

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Brendan Herjavec is a son of Robert Herjavec and his first wife Diane Plese. Despite his young age, he is very smart and can boast of great achievements.

Brendan earned a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing at Wilfrid Laurier University and proceeded with studying behavioral sciences at Yale plus business administration at University of British Columbia. He currently serves as a President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the latter.

Brendan Herjavec earns money as a business strategy and development expert in Toronto. He is now a client manager for Inkblot Therapy and an advisor for Memoryz. Previously, Brendan was an employee of MetricWire and TechData Canada. Moreover, he collaborated with some foreign companies. For instance, the young man analyzed the potential of Blockchain within the financial markets of North America and Asia for Geoswift company.

A curious fact: Brendan has inherited his dad’s passion for cars and is an owner of a black Lamborghini.

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