Konrad Foley

Konrad Foley

  • Real nameKonrad Foley
  • Date of birthNovember 13, 2014
  • Age7 years
  • Zodiac signScorpio
  • BirthplaceUSA

Parents and family



Konrad Foley is the youngest son of actors Scott Foley and Marika Domińczyk. Scott confirmed his spouse’s pregnancy by a funny Twitter post featuring a photo of pregnant Marika holding a big frying pan. The celebrity wrote that his wife thought he might want that for his birthday and that he wasn’t the one with the bizarre cravings.

Initially, Foley wanted to name his son Conrad. However, in Poland (Marika’s homeland), they spell everything with letter K instead of C. That’s why they decided to name the youngster Konrad to pay a tribute to his mom’s roots.

A curious fact: Scott once shared a funny story about Konrad. When he was 2, he pooped at the dinner table and as soon as his dad took him to the bathroom, the boy began drinking the poop water.

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