Leo Federer

Leo Federer

  • Real nameLeo Federer
  • Date of birthMay 2014
  • Age8 years
  • BirthplaceSwitzerland

Parents and family



Leo Federer is the son of tennis legend Roger Federer and his spouse Mirka Federer. He has a twin brother named Lenny plus a set of twin sisters, Charlene and Myla.

Leo often accompanies his father on his tours and supports him at the games. The boy adores traveling and gets really excited when he goes on a plane. Leo’s dad wants him to do sports to stay healthy but will support his son’s decision no matter what profession he will choose. However, Roger reveals that one of his sons seems to have inherited his tennis talent. Unfortunately, we don’t know if he talks about Leo or Lenny.

A curious fact: Federer once told that he never saw himself as a tennis player and father and husband at the same time. However, he seems to be an amazing dad to Leo and his siblings.

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