Santino Lopez

Santino Lopez

  • Real nameSantino Rafael Lopez
  • Date of birthJuly 7, 2019
  • Age2 years
  • Zodiac signCancer
  • BirthplaceBurbank, California, USA

Parents and family



Santino Rafael Lopez is a son of television star Mario Lopez and his spouse Courtney Lopez. His parents love calling him Sonny.

Actually, Santino is an Italian name that was chosen just because it sounded beautiful. At the same time, the boy’s second name is a tribute to Mario’s grandfather.

Santino’s first photo was shared by the happy parents soon after his birth. And now, you can find many photos and videos featuring him on both Mario and Courtney’s Instagram.

A curious fact: like in the case with their older kids, Santino’s parents didn’t know the baby’s gender until he drew his first breath.

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