Ella Clooney

Ella Clooney

  • Real nameElla Clooney
  • Date of birthJune 6, 2017
  • Age4 years
  • Zodiac signGemini
  • BirthplaceLondon, UK

Parents and family



Ella Clooney is a daughter of George and Amal Clooney.  She has a twin brother named Alexander who is 2 minutes older than she. By the way, the first person who found out about Amal’s pregnancy outside the family was Matt Damon. And it was Matt who confirmed the happy news to the press.

Being called the most powerful girl in the whole family by a maternal grandmother, Ella is a little fashionista who loves spending time in her mom’s closet. George tells that the girl looks like Amal and has her brains. Moreover, both Ella and Alexander speak two languages, English and Italian. The latter was chosen as the family spends much time in Italy.

Actually, the parents try to keep Ella and her sibling away from the limelight. So, when the reporters manage to take the kids’ photos, it becomes a sensation.

A curious fact: when George and Amal learned they were expecting children, they promised to each other to take fewer risks by refusing from visits to the countries they are not welcomed in. Among them were South Sudan, Congo and Iraq.

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